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TechEvents Today (TET) hosts intimate style technology, science events and conferences that bring together: entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, technologists and professionals from different industries.

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Our flagship events

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Previous events:

  • 1/22/20
    Fintech Retreat 2020
  • 1/21/20
    Fintech Retreat - Happy Hour
  • 7/24/19
    TET Presents: 2019 Tech IPOs market update
  • 5/30/19
    TET Real Estate Conference
  • 5/14/19
    TET Presents: VR/AR/MR - a guide to 2019
  • 4/23/19
    TET Presents: Surviving iBuyers
  • 4/2/19
    TET Presents: The state of autonomous driving
  • 3/19/19
    TET Presents: Smart buildings and the future of living
  • 2/25/19
    TET Presents: 2019 Tech IPOs effect on Bay Area Real Estate
  • 1/22/19
    TET Presents: 2019 Tech IPOs effect on Bay Area Real Estate
  • 7/26/18
    TET Presents: Blockchain 101 for Real Estate Agents
  • 5/29/18
    TET Startup Pitch session
  • 11/16/17
    TET: 2017 Los Angeles Real Estate Tech Conference
  • 6/01/17
    2017 Inaugural Silicon Valley Real Estate Tech Conference
  • 11/29/16
    Email Workshop for Real Estate Professionals
  • 10/13/16
    Technology for Real Estate Professionals

We are passionate about events and technology

The TET team runs events focusing on the following fields:





Artificial intelligence and robotics

The future of living (smart cities, smart buildings, IoT) 

Quantum computing
The next frontier (space exploration)
Startup events
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